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Tolerance as a Religion

President Obama continues to demonstrate his naive views toward radical Islamists in his decision to support a mosque being built near Ground Zero.

There is nothing wrong with building a mosque in this country. We are a free country and we believe in freedom of religion. This is what makes this country great and truly a noble experiment in history. This country was one of the first to make tolerance of other religions part of its Constitution and this value has become not just an American value but a Western value. We should be proud of this value that we hold dear.

Having said that, there is such a thing as making tolerance a religion in itself. Building a mosque next to Ground Zero qualifies in the latter. This is an affront to the roughly 3,000 people who lost their lives during that horrific event. Every single one of the terrorists who were on the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers were Muslim terrorists and believed in radical Islamist ideology. Although our country believes in freedom of religion, to say that we should build a monument so close to Ground Zero is an assault on the dignity of the survivors of the people who unfortunately were murdered.

Freedom of religion is one thing. Making tolerance a religion in itself is a completely different matter.

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  1. Sherri Stolze says:

    I made you the point of my family party.

  2. Muslims were killed in the twin towers as well, unfortunately people who weren’t in new York at the time neglect to realize it was us as a country they attacked, based on the fact we allow freedom of expression for all; something greatly restricted in must islamic based cultures. Theyre tryin to make a cultural center so people can understand that they aren’t based on the principles the extremists that planned and attacked our country are. All Christians do not believe white supremist ideas an al Muslims are not extremists.

  3. Tempest Ward says:

    As Sherri pointed out, the symbolism behind the attack on the Twin Towers was that it was an attack on America — not the WTC, not New York, not the northesast. All of America.

    A second thing to point out is that this post refers to the mosque being built as a monument. Monuments are made to honor or remind; this mosque is a part of a larger community center, built to service an area of New York known as “Little Syria” for it’s high population of American Muslims.

    Third is the fact that protestors do not understand how drawing arbitrary lines of “where it is appropriate” to build something is a greater insult to our American values, heritage, and what we claim to stand for. How far enough away is it appropriate to build a mosque? While no one wants to say it, most protestors would prefer it if mosques were illegal out-right: and so if you’re going to point fingers and pretend to be indignant, you should do so without hiding behind a mask.

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  7. Paris Mastel says:

    This is certainly worth reading.

  8. Jason Sprinkle says:

    If you look throughout history at the spread of Islam, you will find that a mosque is built either on or near the site of conquest nearly every time. It is a proven fact that this is done as a memorial to the conquest of the nation/people conquered.

    Right now is not a good time in this country to debate whether or not the intentions of the Muslims behind this mosque are for peaceful purposes or not. Even nine years later, many are not healed. OBL is still on the loose. Iran thumbs its nose at the US and the UN.

    Would you want a Japanese battleship memorial on the site of the USS Arizona? How about a KKK meeting house at Gettysburg? Would a German war museum be appropriate at Normandy?

    Freedom of religion we can all agree on. It makes no common sense to put that mosque where they want to put it, a location that used to be a part of the WTC complex. Put it somewhere else.

  9. From my point of view all the hostility to the building of the Islamic Center is quite ridiculous and unenlightened. It is being developed by moderate people who hope to become a part of the fiber of NYC. They desire to demonstrate they are Americans. Critics, get over it!

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