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Out of Touch Voter on Primary

By Jason R. Manning

Ladies and gentlemen, I am an ‘out of touch’ voter in the wake of our primaries. I admit that I am caught short of emotional maturity when I do not want to celebrate a win for our Republican incumbent. A tumultuous, dastardly function of politics unfolded before Arizonan’s eyes this Tuesday. John McCain spent 21 million dollars defeating J.D. Hayworth and little known Jim Deakin. Forgive my fiscally conservative ideology, but I find this a grievous sin.

For you political purists, who shrug your shoulders and call this fair game, shame on your indifference. Integrity has left the building. The fight for moral values, performance of civic duty and service to fellow man are but relics in our history books. The man who co-wrote campaign finance reform, the man whose name adorns fair and equitable contribution legislation broke spending records excoriating his own party members. The very definition of integrity must have changed since I last looked. Character as a term couldn’t possibly reference the ideal I grew up with as a kid, let alone the “Character” McCain campaigned on.

Alas my fellow conservatives, I am despondent. Once again I have to console myself and cast a putrefying ballot for a party candidate I am disdainful of. I shall weep tea colored tears over moral equivocating, thus faithfully executing my duty to support our destructive senate candidate. How are we to take back our country if we cannot sweep up the detritus from our own backyard? Hence I must reconcile myself that spending 21 million dollars to retain a seat is okay with the rest of my neighbors. Thank you Senator McCain, you alone have brought me one step closer to un-retractable disillusion.

Nevertheless we have set backs to contend with. The Lord is my strength, my convictions are strong and the Democrats are going down in November. My fellow American’s let us not be side tracked, let us not lose sight of the prize because of pompous bloviator’s. Our message is not diluted. We the people will be heard and we will no longer stay idle to the trampling of our rights. Let us soldier on in the fight to take back our country. Let’s usher in a conservative mandate and install our own version of “Top Kill” on the out of control money leak. Remember, “I can see November from my house.”

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  1. Wanda O'Rourke says:

    One of the first public figures to make effective use of the airwaves, Charles E. Coughlin, was for a time one of the most influential personalities on American radio. At the height of his popularity in the early 1930s, some 30 million listeners tuned in to hear his emotional messages. Many of his speeches were rambling, disorganized, repetitious, and as time went by, they became increasingly full of bigoted rhetoric. A supporter remembered the excitement of attending one of his rallies: “When he spoke it was a thrill like Hitler. And the magnetism was uncanny. It was so intoxicating, there’s no use saying what he talked about…” By the time Coughlin died in 1979 at the age of 88, the media was giving him very little attention. In the years since, some extreme right-wing organizations have begun to grant Coughlin the status of an elder statesman. In the early ’90s, one anti-black, anti-Semitic tabloid dedicated an entire edition to excerpts of the priest’s writings and speeches.

  2. Wendy Robinson says:

    There is a thing called freedom in this country, in case you missed the memo, and we all have a right to believe whatever the hell we want. Whether it’s (wait for it, wait for it) GOD or Allah or Satan, whatever, it’s not okay to tell ANYONE that what they believe in a religious and non-religious sense, is wrong.

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