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Who’s Scarier, Code Pink or Islamists?

By Jason R. Manning

During my daily news perusal, there are new reports of school children in Afghanistan who were gassed along with some fourteen teachers. Of course these were little girls trying to claim a piece of humanity for themselves while the usual monsters work diligently to stop them. I was curious about how much play or lack thereof this story garnered. There are dozens of responsible independent reporters who brought this episode to light and I wondered if any American woman’s rights groups were doing the same. I suspected what the answer would be before I found it.

The National Organization for Women had no mention of this story on their website. They were however giving big play to their “Tits for an Ass” campaign asking President Obama to fire Alan Simpson over his purportedly stealth maneuvering to end social securities benefits. I wish I were making this up folks. If you send in $5 dollars to this campaign, they are going to send in a rubber nipple to Obama. Here is the link; please see what this monument to a moral cesspool organization is promoting. (On a side note; It is interesting that the only Obama appointee they want recall of is a Republican)

Next I figured Code Pink would be good for a forehead slap or two. What they were excited about was every conceivable anti-war platform imaginable. Just when I thought I was going to give them credit for mentioning the support of Iraqi women, a closer look revealed how they spun it into catchy slogans like “Surge to Sadness” playing on the much needed troop surge. What was really despicable was an older article posted from “The Independent,” titled “How picture phones have fuelled frenzy of honor killings in Iraq.” Basically because of the ease in which Iraqi men could take photo’s of themselves with women and send it to ‘good old buddies,’ these buddies would claim to know that burqa and that’s all she wrote for that death sentence. There were classic lines like “the position of women in Iraqi society has deteriorated dramatically since the start of the occupation.” And the ever so subtle “vulnerability to violence is not the only area in which the equal status of women in Iraq has been eroded.” Wow, I guess ending the rape chambers of Uday and Qusay were Code Pink approved only as long as it wasn’t an external benefit of going to war with Saddam.

Apparently, under Saddam, women attained some semblance of “equal status” before the United States came in and screwed it up. My fellow conservatives, these are the powers, the lobbyists and the kooks who fuel, fund and fulminate under the leftist party banner. These are some of your daughters, your sisters, friends and [gulp] your wives. Men, God called upon us to be leaders, protectors and teachers to our house. Who needs Islamist to blow up our country when we have outrageous fringe groups calling for disarmament, capitulation and subservience of our once proud country? We need to get involved; we need to educate our families on the evil hiding in the forest of misinformation. Can you hear the storm sirens, they are deafening.

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