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Moral Atrophy

By Jason R. Manning

My fellow Americans, how could it be that we as a nation founded on conviction of the human soul, cannot recognize the progeny staring back in the mirror? Have we not seen the bright spots of free principals vindicated over our triumphs against tyrants? Have we also not seen the ugly consequences of turning our back on allies and breaking promises to defend liberty? Can you recognize the distraction our ‘gadgetry society’ has become? Just what is it that we are fighting for these days? Why did it take someone as ideologically extreme as Barack Obama to wake up our enabling nation? Short answer; moral atrophy.

Our republic is in decline not because people are struggling to pay their bills, but because people are struggling to inspect who their representatives are. We deserve who we vote into office, this country asked for Barack Obama because they thought it would be an emotional feel good moment. “We the people” didn’t inspect the goods being advertised. When are we going to stop doing what is popular and get back to doing what is right? Much like those famous Methamphetamine billboards, America hooked on leftist ideology reflects those bruised, damaged and emotionally bankrupt teens. Sugary social programs account for the decay in our society. Politically correct, self-esteem infused, gender neutral school yard games are the causation of soft, unequipped children. We have to get back to principals that choose depravation for good over satisfaction and debt. Do you know what your kids know? Can your teenagers who are going off to college name the founders and who wrote what documents?

The left has hijacked “our children are the future” for their indoctrination agenda. Its time we take back our children’s minds. We need to wag a ‘grey matter war’ on intellectual property. Grassroots organizations begin under our roofs. Pamphlet’s producing modern concepts of “Common Sense” are typed on our keyboards. I repeat my theme out of necessity. I cannot go far enough to extol the virtues of family values, while denouncing the hype of egalitarianism. Please do not confuse treating citizens as equals with demanding everyone have the same level of lousy healthcare. Only the selfish begrudge those who live in nicer neighborhoods. We should refocus on our works, our ability to change for the better and extending our hand to others in time of solace.

In closing, every America loving home should own William Bennett’s two volume set “America; the last best hope” available for family and friends to get reacquainted with why America is special. God bless America, and may God bless you.

7 Responses to “Moral Atrophy”

  1. Jason, well said. You left out some important details. The Left can and will say anything, twist any truth and spread any lie to expedite their agenda, with the opinion pushers (press) as their attack dogs. They are liars, plain and simple.
    Americans are too racist to elect a black president they say. Yet when he is elected and we see his failed policies and his change doubletalk are taking America over a cliff. We too as good lemmings must go over the cliff with him, or again, be labled racists.
    We must extricate ourselves from the notions that all Americans want the same thing at the end of the day. The party of the Left continually speaks of fairness and freedom of expression, yet would withold both from any dissentors. You have the right to say what you want as long as it emulates the dogma of the Left.
    Their are no conservatives on the Left.

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