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The New ‘Contract With America’

Pledge to America is the name of the political plan GOP leaders unveiled as the successor to their 1994 Contract With America. The website/blog is dedicated to the conservative movement and the upcoming November elections. Please make suggestions as to what should be in the ‘New Contract’.

18 Responses to “The New ‘Contract With America’”

  1. Ronald Benton says:

    It seems to me that many of our problems with spending and deficits are driven by the Public Employee Unions. At one time, public employees were not allowed to unionize and I suggest that we need to return to that prohibition. The existing union contracts put in place between the public employee unions and their Democrat lackeys should be terminated and the wages and pensions adjusted to the private employee equivalent for the job/position. If we can’t do this, then not only the Federal Government but our State and local governments will drive us into national bankruptcy.

  2. Steve O'Connor says:

    How about when coming up with the new federal budget start with a blank sheet of paper? For too many years the politicians are raising or lowering budgets based on previous years budgets. Lets start over and elimante many budget items.

  3. Ronnie Hunter says:

    Term limits on ALL members of Congress and the Judiciary. No more appoinments for life. Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the balance of power between the federal government and the states. Modify the 14th Amendment to exclude anchor babies. Defund the IRS, Departments of Education, Homeland Security,Transportation, Interior, Health and Human Services, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor by 10% yearly with the stated purpose of eradicating the duties of those departments and restoring those areas of regualtion covered by those departments to the states. Give the President the line item veto and put the blame on him or her for any and all pork barrel spending. Secure the borders. Secure the borders. Secure the borders. Abolish the Federal Reserve, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  4. No Progressive should be permitted to be named as a Republican candidate or representative. A Progressive is one who, among other things, believes the government can do things better than the private sector, such as taking care of the poor, retirement, or healthcare.

    Republicans need to vote, speak, and work against pork and waste wherever they find it. They need to point out such things as 8ft bicycle lanes, turtle tunnels, and required 1099 forms for supplies purchases, so others don’t need to do all the research on their own.

    All bills that will be heard before the full Congress or Senate need to be posted online, with a brief analysis of the bill, a general summary of why it is good or bad, and specific reasons what is good or bad about it.

    Voters need to vote out their own representatives if they seek or vote for any pork or waste, that is, anything that is not directly related to the bill at hand, or anything overtly wasteful even if related to the bill.

    No bill that had not been posted online — in its final form — for 72 hours should receive a vote, holding others to their own promise. Any modifications or amendments should reset that clock. All Republicans should vote No on any such bills, as a vote Present would allow such bills to proceed unopposed.

    Republicans seem, as a whole, to have been sitting idly by while Progressives run roughshod over our liberties. The ignorant public then does not notice anything amiss is happening. Republicans need to speak out and loudly, against waste, against abuse, against corruption, and against false accusations of “hate” and “racism” and “intolerance”. They should actively pursue those who seek or support these activities, and such pursuits should use non-governmental channels whenever freedom is involved — those who falsely claim “hate speech” or “racism” must be pursued, but in the private sector, as even these should not be pursued with government intrusion into freedom of speech. We must not use wrong methods in fighting those who are wrong, even while our enemies may attempt to do so against us.

    Regular people need to be promoted toward political office. Too often, the local parties promote those who are well-known, even while such may not hold the standards they are supposed to represent. But the “normal” people who have conservative values usually don’t have the financial backing to pursue office without support. A person who is self-sufficient to the point of being able to take off work for a year at a time for campaigning is already shown to not be an “average” person, and lower-level positions may not provide sufficient income even if the position is attained. I may use myself as an example; I would be willing to pursue office, local or otherwise, but I must continue working to pay the bills. At present, I am unable even to attend local party meetings due to my work schedule, an obstacle I am uncertain how to overcome.

  5. Sandra Leathers says:

    I would like to see them do away with ear marks and all pork barrel spending. They need to bring all our troops home from countries that we were in like Germany, and any where else where our troops have been for several years. Why do they need our troops there, all these years later? They also need to do away with several departments, such as Department of Education, Department of Labor, and others, that should be left up to our individual States. I also think that the money that is given to other Countries, should be limited. Some of this money don’t even get to the people who need it anyway, the Dictators use it for their own personal gain. The Federal Govt. and local Govt. need to find cuts in the budget by other means than taking it away from Schools, Police, our Armed Forces, and other public Service Personal. The Budget for our Armed Forces should never be cut. The USA has always had the best Military, than any other Country. But if they keep lowering the budget for our military, this will change. We already have Military Personal that don’t have what they need. The public has to help them, by adopting one of them, or a whole platoon. This is a disgrace. And we need to have The Fair Tax, and do away with the IRS. We need to get out of the UN. And last but not least, the Federal Reserve needs to be audited. Sorry, one more thing, Anyone running for an office, should sign the pledge to Govern by the Constitution.

  6. Advocate Volunteer Constitutional Militias instead of dancing around the subject. The Militias aren’t as radical as media presents.

  7. Daisy Hooper says:

    Excellent ideas

  8. Anne Larnapilo says:

    Balanced Budget Amendment

  9. Hunter Sears says:

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  10. Derrick Detrick says:

    Man, talk about a great post! I’ve stumbled across your blog a few times in the past, but I usually forgot to save it. But absolutely not again! Thanks for writing the way you do, I genuinely enjoy seeing somebody who truly has a viewpoint and isn’t really just regurgitating crap like the majority of other bloggers these days. Keep it up!

  11. Excellent Conservative Website!

  12. The first thing should be to defund Obamacare! This will help to keep it from becoming anymore intrusive than it is going to be starting 1/1/11!

    Obamacare and the Wall Street laws are two of the most powerful laws Obo has past. They must defund them.

    No cap and trade law. Repeal the climate bill.

  13. I think the government financing plan should represent a more realistic approach. By this I mean it should be flexible to allow for variations in the economy. Families and businesses must use this responsible approach, or risk failure or bankruptcy with relatively small fluctuations in income. When I worked in japan, I thought they had a pretty good system. About 1/3 of their annual salary was held out and only dispursed in the form of bonuses twice a year. When times are good and the economy is well, the bonuses are great, but when business is bad or a recession comes along, everyone gets less. This system allows for needed flexibility as the economy cycles through the ups and downs that we all know will come. All government pay, some entitlements, and even number of employees could vary as needed, just like any responsible business. Why should we be at 10% unemployed and our tax dollars still supporting 100% government employees?

  14. Health care reform
    1. Allow purchase of drugs from anywere it is cheaper for those who ned this option.
    2. Allow nationwide risk groups to be insured by both for profit and non-profit providers.

  15. Review all subsidies now being paid, and start from a zero based budget approach for every one of them. NO exceptions.

    Either eliminate earmark projects completely from legislative bills, or put into law that ALL earmarks added to bills be posted in a specific place on the internet with complete information as to who, what, where, when, and how much. Make it law that no bill can be passed until this posting has been up for two weeks.

    Pass a law that requires a review period of at least 1 day per 10 pages for all legislation. This will allow time for our reps, us, and the media (should a rare one like to) read and study it.

  16. I like that idea of a review period that ties time to length. If they want to vote tomorrow, it’d better be under 10 pages. If it’s like these lately, it can’t come up for a vote for another year.

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