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America is more than a country


By Jason Sprinkle

A recent discussion on Facebook got me to thinking about money. The discussion started with a fundamental disagreement over the right of Pastor Terry Jones to host his Koran-b-que.

I know, not a whole lot to do with finance.

But I will save my opinions on this subject, since others have already fleshed many of them out on this site. Rather, I will delve into why that got me thinking about money.

Muslims are denouncing the burning of these books. They should. But before everyone gets their undies in a bunch and gets trigger happy, consider how much money the United States pumps into your respective country. And remember, Terry Jones is just one taxpayer sending that money to a theater near you. He does not represent all of us.

So, here goes, in chart form…


Drumroll, Anton…

1. Israel 2.58 Billion
2. Egypt 1.84 Billion
3. Afghanistan 0.98 Billion
4. Pakistan 0.70 Billion
5. Colombia 0.57 Billion
6. Sudan 0.50 Billion
7. Jordan 0.48 Billion
8. Uganda 0.25 Billion
9. Kenya 0.24 Billion
10. Ethiopia 0.19 Billion
11. South Africa 0.19 Billion
12. Peru 0.19 Billion
13. Indonesia 0.18 Billion
14. Bolivia 0.18 Billion
15. Nigeria 0.18 Billion
16. Zambia 0.18 Billion

Did I say 10?

So to recap,

Israel is not Muslim. They are the other guys.
Egypt, Muslim. They vote against US interests in the United Nations 79% of the time.
Afghanistan, Muslim. This does not reflect the war chest that we utilize to cleanse their country of Taliban, al Quaida, and corrupt politicians. Nor the banking bailout that looms. (Remember these are 2005 numbers.)
Pakistan, Muslim. Oh, I heard recently that less than 3% of Pakistanis actually pay income tax.
Columbia, waaaay Roman Catholic.
Sudan, predominantly Muslim. They have been listed as a state sponsor of terror since 1993. Human rights violations are out of control here.
Jordan, Muslim. They vote against the US at the UN 71% of the time.
Uganda, predominantly Christian. One of the poorest nations in the world. Perhaps our aid is making a difference here, as they saw a growth in their economy of 7% in 2008.
Kenya, Christian. Pretty stable country.
Ethiopia, mostly Christian, about a third Muslim.

Ok, that is the top 10, of which 5 are Muslim. So, I guess my question is, why do we keep sending money to people who don’t like us? If you were writing a will, would you bequeath part of your inheritance to a family member who hated you, treated you poorly at family gatherings, spat in your face? What’s worse is that the accountability for that money is sketchy at best, (Egypt, Jordan) and nonexistent at worst, (Afghanistan, Pakistan.) Every household in the US contributes $39.00 to fund these efforts to help people that foment hate, vote against our interests, and take down our buildings.

I am for helping countries develop. Look at some of the good that our aid has done over the years. We helped rebuild Germany after tearing it down. We helped rebuild Japan after tearing it down. We rebuilt a lot of other European countries after World War II. Look at Kenya and Uganda on the list above.

The United States is the most benevolent country in the history of the world. It’s people give to charities and organizations that further supplement the numbers above. Yet we remain a vilified pariah in the international community.


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