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Contreras for Congress!

By Jason Sprinkle

Janet Contreras is a successful businesswoman, mother, wife and candidate to unseat Ed Pastor. In an election year where even the Democrats are acknowledging the impending swing in the balance of power in both the House and the Senate, Americans are shying away from he career incumbent and looking to their neighbors to represent them in Congress.

And America needs neighbors who listen (emphasis on double entendre.)

Here is a basic platform for all y’all to understand:

Illegal immigration is not acceptable.
Spending more than you have is not acceptable.
The Department of Education is unacceptable.
Health care for all will bankrupt us all. This is unacceptable.

There will be a quiz at the end of the article.

I know that is only four items. But when you look at the landscape of water cooler chatter, media coverage and general banter in public, what else is anyone talking about?

And think about it. If we handled, I MEAN REALLY HANDLED these four issues, and made a solid, substantive plan for success in these areas, a lot of the smaller dominoes would fall into place.

Janet Contreras intends to move the sled on these four issues. And she is like you and me. She is not a Washington insider, lawyer, career politician, lobbyist, intern, think tank member, media pundit, or any of those things you associate with Washington. She is your neighbor. You would invite her over for a cookout.

George Washington was concerned when he first took office that if he took an exorbitant salary for the Presidency that the people would get the impression that only rich and powerful people could rise to that level. Look around in Congress. Who do we have representing us? Career politicians who are wealthy and powerful. George Washington’s nightmare has become a reality.

The United States needs more people like Janet Contreras making decisions for us. All of us at one time or another have been in this position: You have done a job for so long that you start to fly on auto-pilot… You stop seeing the moving pieces, the things that make the job unique and special. After a while, you stagnate. Then, one of two things happens: You either get reassigned out of your indifference or another set of eyes comes to your desk and points things out that you either could not see or had forgotten. (By the way, this happens before they fire you…) Often times, either apathy or defensiveness starts to set in. The job isn’t fun anymore.

Well, Congress needs a new set of eyes. They have become zombies to the same old problems, providing the same old solutions. Maybe they are enjoying their jobs, but I do not think the constituents are. Look at poll numbers.

District 4 voters, reassign Ed Pastor, and bring in a new set of eyes. Janet Contreras.

2 Responses to “Contreras for Congress!”

  1. I agree with most of the points listed, but I don’t completely agree with the statement “Health care for all will bankrupt us”. I believe we basically have health care for all now. We just do not have pre-paid health insurance for all. Maybe I am wrong, but it is my understanding that in the U S anyone can go to the hospital and get care if needed. Anyone also can go to a doctor and just pay for care if they have money to pay. In my family, we have some people that cannot afford health insurance due to low incomes. All of them have taxpayer funded health insurance for their children. Some have subsidized insurance or medicaid for the parents.

    My point is that in this great country, relative to healthcare, we do try to take care of the less fortunate, even though liberal media tries to make us look like the evil ones. I am sure someone can find an example of when someone was denied needed health care, but in my long lifetime i have never known anyone that could not get care at all.

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