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The Crisis is Not Over(3)

In recent weeks I’ve seen a number of articles purporting that the economic crisis is over. They appeared in a myriad assortment of newspapers and web sites. ‘Really?’ I wondered. Perhaps it’s a subliminal attempt to convince the general public to loosen it’s purse strings? If it is, then I can only say it’s a [...]

How Obama’s Panel on Fiscal Responsibility is Losing It’s Integrity(4)

There is a definition for fiscal, which is usually associated with public coffers and one for responsibility often defined as reliability and dependability. There is however no innate definition of the two words coupled together. This is unfortunate, as it might have helped end the endless speculation on just what the President’s executive order of [...]

How Newsweek Needs to Check the Facts Before Publishing a Special Edition on Global Warming(101)

Global Warming was at one time a fringe issue debated by naturalists, Green Peace advocates, and nameless others out there, mostly because the fact base of the argument was not all that credible. But being who they were, these fringe elements had the wherewithal to accept whatever passed for fact in a blind attempt to [...]

Arizona Finally Addressing What The Feds Would Not(23)

Saturday, April 24th, at midnight is the deadline for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to either veto, sign, or ignores the controversial bill that gives local law enforcement in Arizona authority over illegal immigrants – to ask people they stop for documentation showing they are in Arizona legally. Why has this become an issue? It all [...]

You Can’t Break Into My Country, Just Like You Can’t Break Into My House(4)

They are both illegal. That’s what this Bill is about. Oh and guess what, this law makes it a felony for companies to hire illegal Day Workers. Is this unfair also? Do we feel sorry for Mr. Home Depot, or Mr. Tropicana OJ ? I don’t hear anyone talking about the benefits of this part of the Bill. [...]

Sleeping with the enemy: Obama and Goldman Sachs(8)

On Friday April 16, 2010, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil suit against Goldman Sachs bank for allegedly selling customers securities it expected would fail, making profits by betting against those securities, and letting a few select customers in on the secret. This comes just days before Obama campaigns for tighter regulations [...]

The Contract with America Led to a Decade of Prosperity(5)

The Contract with America changed our lives. It offered a detailed, comprehensive agenda touching everything from internal congressional reform to national defense, welfare to economic growth, term limits to balancing the budget, crime control to tort reform, individual liberty, economic opportunity, limited government, personal responsibility, and security at home and abroad. These ideas drove President [...]

What Should be in the Pledge To America?(50)

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