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The Gulf Spill – 40 Days Without a Solution, will Obama be Ready on Day 41?(24)

On April 20th, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig owned by Trans-ocean and operated by British Petroleum (under really sloppy inspection regulations and a double standard for rigs licensed here in the US and those licensed in say – the Marshall Islands) exploded 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana. The hows and whys are relevant, [...]

Obama 2.0 – Postmodern Politics and the Ghost of Situational Ethics(47)

“My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear…progress vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!” —Charles Baudelaire If the devil’s greatest trick to persuade you that he doesn’t exist, then Barack Hussein Obama’s greatest trick is to persuade you that borders don’t exist. His second greatest trick is [...]


(or, “how to use “The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” to secure our Rights against today’s federal mandates and bureaucracies.) No, this is not state treason; just pulling things back into proper balance, like they used to be when men were free to guide their own lives.  Anyone we nominate or elect this [...]

The Financial Reform Bill Spells More Gloom and Doom – for Us!(53)

It doesn’t fix anything and only gives those who caused it – the wherewithal to do it again. Do you remember the financial crisis of 2008? Can you ever forget it? Or are you naive enough to think it’s over and that we’re on some sort of yellow brick road to recovery? Hopefully, you are [...]

A Silly Little Rhyme: John McDang Says “Complete the Dang Fence!”(5)

“Perchance he for whom this bell tolls…knows not it tolls for him.” —John Donne Think of it, till political fat cat Johnny-come-lately McDang finally woke up to this present immigration danger and jumped up like a yapping pup filled with anger—out of the maelstrom, and onto the anti-illegal alien bandwagon, as a fire-breathing but largely [...]

AZ Right to Life PAC Aborts Itself from Its Own Mission, JD Hayworth Stands Tall!(7)

In supporting John McCain for Senator, with his mediocre 77% anti-abortion rating, over JD Hayworth’s stellar 100% pro-life rating from the National Right to Life, the Arizona Right to Life has suicidally moved from Political Action Committee, to being a Politicized Action Committee, or worse yet, a Political Inaction Committee. Not only has the Arizona [...]

The Cap in Trade is NOT About the Planet, Just Money and Power(35)

When bottled water was coming into fashion, people at the time wondered what would they try and sell us next – air? Well, that time has come in the form of the Waxman – Market Cap and Trade bill, also known as HR 2454, the American Clean Energy, and Securities Act or ACES. The greatest [...]

Why I’m Voting for JD Hayworth and Not John McCain!(8)

Quite simply, as the political placard of Arizona senatorial hopeful, JD Hayworth states he’s “The Consistent Conservative.” Before it was politically expedient to do so, he displayed leadership on the issues by staking out authoritative positions and writing a book tackling our greatest national problems entitled “Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security and the [...]

Let’s Make Arizona America’s First Rule of Law State!(2)

On Wednesday, May 19th President Obama welcomed President Calderone of Mexico to the White House by telling him that, “we are defined not by our borders, but by our bonds.”  At the same time the US Secret Service, Obama’s elite protectors, were preparing the groundwork for the President to shake hands with every senior at [...]

The Ivy League Has No Business Running America(10)

Elena Kagan will, barring any unforeseen circumstances, become a Supreme Court Justice. Though unique in her own right, she has one disturbing credential in common with the 8 others currently on the bench.  She is an Ivy League graduate. Such a simple statement might not cause consternation, but it should. The fact that all of [...]