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What Does the Second Amendment Actually Say?(17)

By Gaines I Arnold After another split decision from SCOTUS, of course along conservative and liberal lines, I feel a need to examine the second amendment again. No doubt there will be a media, congressional and presidential backlash against this decision. It’s just good that the president doesn’t have a forum like the State of [...]

Who Pays Taxes?(4)

By The Philosopher and The Phool* Put more taxes on the rich, they have plenty of money. How often have you heard this comment when any government entity talks about changes in taxes – raising taxes or lowering taxes, changing tax rates or whatever is said about taxes? There is only one group of people [...]

Why Jim Deakin Should Support JD Hayworth for the US Senate?(5)

It’s great that Jim Deakin, the self-appointed Arizona Tea Party candidate, stepped up to the plate—like other similarly outraged conservatives with good intentions—to ride the wave of popular discontent and draw attention not only to himself, but to the difficult problems facing Arizona, such as the illegal alien invasion and some bona fide national issues, [...]

We are to Blame but the Answer is Within our Grasp(14)

“Our earth is degenerate in these latter days: bribery and corruption are common; children no longer obey their parents; and the end of the world is evidently approaching.” It sounds like a comment from some conservative television talk show host on the state of current affairs in America, but the comment actually comes from an [...]

The Uninvited-Guest Worker Program: John McCain Fiddles while Arizona Boils!(30)

As summer approaches and temperatures begin to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the Valley of the Sun is beginning to feel more like the valley of the stir-fry wok. For Arizona workers, already reeling from a 9.5% real unemployment rate—16%+ if you count the underemployed—McCain’s rhetoric about the need for a Guest Worker Program, so that [...]

Why the Sestak Affair Should Not Be Brushed Under the Carpet(28)

On February 18, 2010, Pennsylvania Congressman, Joe Sestak, readily admitted that he was offered a job from the Obama administration if he would drop out of the US Senate primary against incumbent Arlen Specter. This admission was made first during an interview with Philadelphia newscaster Larry Kane.   On May 28, 2010 (3 months and [...]